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Asam Pedas Pak Man is a Bumiputera company that was founded by Encik Abdull Rahman bin Hj Hasan, also known as Pak Man since 1990.

In 2017, due to the increasing in demands, Asam Pedas Pak Man had moved to a new location in Melaka Perdana, Ayer Keroh. After a year of processing and making its own paste for the customers, Pak Man realized that the brand was starting to gain more attention and support, thus Pak Man decided to venture into another business and started Pak Man Industries Sdn Bhd which focuses on producing food paste.

Pak Man Industries Sdn Bhd was officially founded on 20th February 2019 and is fully managed by Pak Man’s children – Erni Yuslinah, Ahmad Erwadi and Eliesya Hanis whom are the company’s Managing Directors. The company is run with a shared effort from the family members and also Pak Man himself.

Pak Man Industries’ products have been certified with HALAL from Jakim and MeSTI by the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia and Buatan Malaysia. The company is adamant to continue growing in this competitive market.

Vission &

  • To be a well known global company which produced halal & high quality food products that will satisfied our customers.
  • To always provide excellent services to our customers.
  • To be a company that always prioritizes product quality, customer satisfaction and employee welfare.
  • To produce high quality food products in a clean and safe environment for our customers.